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by Thomas Evdokimoff - Thursday, 24 September 2015, 11:00 AM
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Preparatory Rudiments of Music, Music Penmanship

In RCM Music Rudiments of Music, penmanship counts. Most of the notes and rests are fairly straightforward to write. Sometimes, however, students need help writing quarter-note rests. I tell my students "Write a zig-zag-zig, and a C in a single stroke." This approach creates a quick, simple and clear rest.

quarter-note rest 1

The rest's placement on the staff also counts. For single line music, which is what students are writing in Rudiments, the rest should fill up the staff, but not go beyond it.

quarter-note rest 2

RCM examiners will deduct up to a percentage point for rests that are not properly placed on the staff, so it is worthwhile to take a few minutes to learn how to write them.

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