R.C.M. Theory & History Practice Exams Assessment

Get your music theory & history practice exams marked.

>Submit completed practice exams from the Royal Conservatory of Music Official Examination Papers booklet for corrections, detailed comments and suggestions for improvement.

An excellent resource for students preparing to write an RCM exam.

Fees: $155.00 for up to three submitted exams.


  • Basic Rudiments - Level 5 Theory
  • Intermediate Rudiments - Level 6 Theory
  • Level 7 Theory
  • Advanced Rudiments - Level 8 Theory
  • Basic Harmony - Level 9 Harmony
  • Intermediate Harmony Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint
  • Advanced Harmony - ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint
  • ARCT Analysis
  • History 1: An Overview - Level 9 History
  • History 2: Middle Ages to Classical - Level 10 History
  • History 3: 19th Century to Present - ARCT History

This program is for students who are self-studying for their exam. This service is included for students enrolled in an Accelerated or Weekly Program, as well as any Rudiments Program.

Please note:

  • Students must provide their own exam papers.
  • You must be able to scan and upload your completed exam as a single pdf file.
  • The scan  must be legible, make sure your writing is dark and neat. Illegible sections will not be marked.
  • Your corrected exam will be returned to you within about 24-48 hours.

Terms and conditions.

  • Your registration period is for 60 days.
  • You may upload a total of three practice exams during the period of your registration.
  • Practice exams must be from the most recent set of The Royal Conservatory Official Examination Papers for your subject.
  • Your assessment is for your personal use only and is not a guarantee of a pass or grade in your official R.C.M. examination.