Level 9 Harmony - Accelerated - Summer 2018

Course Dates: Tuesday May 29 2018 - Tuesday August 07 2018 -twice weekly format

Examination Dates:Friday/Saturday August 10,11 2018

Course Fee: $475

Late Registrations: $55 surcharge. Please allow 48 hours to set up late enrolments

Prerequisites: Level 8 Theory, recommended minimum age: 14

Workload: Two assignment each week, allow minimum 3 hours per assignment

Students can expect a course’s workload to be similar to that found in traditional hour-long twice-weekly lessons plus homework. Successful students spend about three hours on each unit. Their first hour is spent reviewing the lesson material and working out sample questions as they would in a traditional classroom. Up to two more hours per unit may be spent on completing their assignment and reviewing earlier material.

Required Materials:

  1. Celebrate Theory Level 9 Harmony
  2. Official Assessment Papers, most recent edition.

Both are available online through:

 http://bookstore.rcmusic.ca/ your local music store, or Amazon.

Course Description:

This harmony course follows the Royal Conservatory of Music's crossover syllabus for Level 9 Harmony. The course is structured for students wishing to write the August 2018 exam.

The program covers traditional four-part writing for all diatonic chords, dominant seventh chords, functional and root/quality analysis of short passages from the Common Practice Period, as well as simple form analysis.

Students prepare for their exams by completing assignments based on the material found in their text. See individual course descriptions for required texts. Students must be able to scan their work in pdf format, then submit their assignments through Dropbox or directly to the site. The Instructor grades and returns the assignment to the student with comments. Students may ask specific questions about their work through the online message system. Students may receive additional tutoring by purchasing online private lessons.


  1. Create an account
  2. Click on the course. In the top left corner choose Settings -> Course Adminstration -> enrol me ... . Payment is made through Paypal. Credit cards are accepted
  3. Purchase the required materials.
  4. Students planning on writing an R.C.M. exam are responsible for their own registration.

Once registered, the instructor will contact you to confirm your prerequisites.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Must be computer literate: able to use file sharing, have access to a scanner, create pdf documents, etc.
  • Obtain required course material
  • Complete all assignments on time
  • Ask questions when they have them
  • Sign-up for online lessons when they need extra help
  • Register for their RCM exam. The registration deadline for RCM exams is June 01, 2018. Visit rcmusic.ca for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents of younger students must be prepared to assist their children in completing/uploading assignments and navigating the site.