Elementary Music Theory Levels 1-4

Course Dates: Enrolment will reopen Monday January 08 2018. Enrolment period is for 180 days. Please review the calendar for important dates.

Examination Dates: There is no examination

Suggested Workload: Sixteen units in total. Plan to spend 2-3 hours per unit

Course Fee: $375


Required Materials:

  1. Elementary Music Rudiments - BASIC, 2nd Edition Mark Sarnecki

The text is available online through your local music store, amazon and the rcmusic bookstore.

Course Description:

This Elementary Music Theory Course is designed to introduce students to the Royal Conservatory of Music's theory program and is a prerequisite for our Level 5 Theory course. This course is a relatively gentle introduction to the concepts of basic musicianship, reading and writing in the treble and bass clefs, scales and key signatures up to four sharps and flats, intervals, basic triads, terminology, and music history. Teenage and adult music students should find the coursework easy to moderately difficult.

The course is organized into sixteen units of work. Each unit consists of a directed study on a topic with an assignment from the required text. Students upload completed assignments in pdf format to a dropbox folder. An instructor reviews the assignment and returns it through dropbox with corrections and comments. Students may work at their own pace, but we suggest one unit per week to complete the course within the enrolment period of 180 days. Breaks from coursework occur during August, December, and March. Visit Music Theory, Levels 1-8 for details

PLEASE NOTE: Parents of younger students (ages 10-14) must be prepared to assist their children in completing/uploading assignments and navigating the site.


  1. Create an account
  2. Click on the course. In the top left corner choose Settings -> Course Adminstration -> enrol me ... . Payment is made throughPaypal. Credit cards are accepted
  3. Purchase the required materials.
  4. Complete your online profile
  5. You will be contacted via the online messaging system when your course is ready. Please allow 24 hours to set-up any new course.

Student/Parent Responsibilities:

  • Must be computer literate: able to use file sharing, have access to a scanner, create pdf documents, etc.
  • Obtain required course material
  • Complete coursework before the end of their enrolment period
  • Ask questions when they have them
  • Sign-up for online lessons when they need extra help