We are revising this student resource to correspond to the 2016 RCM syllabus. Look for updates in 2018.

History 1 is an introductory music history course to four historical style periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and the Modern era. This course follows The Royal Conservatory of Music (R.C.M.) crossover syllabus for Level 9 History.

History 1 is required for the R.C.M. Grade 9 Practical Certificate. Some school boards, especially in Canada, recognize R.C.M. certificates for High School credit. Check with your local school board for their requirements.

Prerequisites: Advanced Rudiments - Level 8 Theory
Co-requisites: Basic Harmony - Level 9 Harmony

Adults interested in a self-paced music appreciation program may find this course useful as well. Being comfortable with at least some Rudiments of Music will be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

All course material is up for your personal study, including a Glossary of Terms & Definitions, and a Youtube playlist of required pieces. Registered students will receive notification of updates through this site's main news forum.

Registered users are also welcome to ask questions through the online messaging system, or you may consider Skype lessons. You can also received feedback on your official R.C.M. practice exams through my Theory & History Practice Exam Assessment service. Sign-up for  this service as you would for any course.