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Summer Session Courses
by Thomas Evdokimoff - Thursday, 30 July 2015, 10:30 AM

The summer session of RCM theory and history courses are quickly coming to a close. Exams are just over a week away! Students should be working on their practice exams.

In addition, students of Rudiments should have their key signatures memorized by now, and be reviewing their musical terms. Terms can be an easy 10% of your exam! And one final reminder: neatness counts!!!

History 1 students will be busy memorizing dates for composers, compositions and time periods. I recommend that all History students develop a condensed overview of their material based on era, and works its way through each genre, composition, and composer.

Try to attach an important idea to each composition and composer to help you recall their details. For example, I think of Handel as a German composer writing Italian operas in England. This summary may help you recall that he changed to oratorios later in his career, make the association to Messiah, and so on. You should be able to develop a similar synopsis for each composer and composition.

History 2 students will want to develop an understanding of the development of genres. For example, in sacred vocal music, the use of a cantus firmus over the centuries.

Harmony students should have their basic chord doublings committed to memory, as well as basic chord progressions, including sequences. Advanced harmony students need to be thoroughly comfortable with diminished seventh chords, and their potential for application in remote modulations.