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Summer R.C.M. Theory & History Lessons
by Thomas Evdokimoff - Monday, 27 May 2013, 10:18 AM

If you are planning on writing an R.C.M. music theory or history exam this summer, now is the time to get started on your lessons. The summer session exams are held on August 09/10 this year. The application deadline is coming up fast! Tuesday June 04 2013 is the registration deadline. See for details.

For subjects beyond Advanced Rudiments, plan on about twenty or so hours of instruction, plus about the same for homework and individual study. This includes Basic and  Advanced Harmony, as well as History 1 and 2. For those of you taking private or online lessons, you would already need two hours of lessons per week plus two hours of study to complete the program!

For any of the levels of Rudiments of Music, Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced, adult students should be prepared for about 8-10 hours of lessons, plus homework time.

Remember that in addition to the online courses offered here, you can also get online instruction in any R.C.M. course. Visit for details, or create a new account  and send me a message to discuss your options.