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R.C.M. August Exams
by Thomas Evdokimoff - Friday, 2 August 2013, 11:34 AM

The Summer Theory and History sessions are almost over and R.C.M. exams are but a week away. Those of you registered in courses and for exams should try and get any assignments in over the weekend. I can then get them back to you before your exams.

Rudiments and History 1 students will find glossaries of terms and definitions by following the links to the online courses listed on the front page of this site.

Students writing exams should be working on their practice exams now. These will teach you the format of the exams, as well as what type of questions to expect.

Rudiments students should be reviewing their key signatures, both major and minor ones. A solid understanding of key signatures is essential to your success. Review your terms as well, they should be an easy 10% of your final grade.

Harmony students may wish to review the doublings of the different chord-types for part writing. A summary is available at

History students should have a solid understanding of required pieces, composers, and terms. Remember that short essay questions are a part of the exam.

If you need some extra help I am available by Skype up until next Thursday.