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by Thomas Evdokimoff - Tuesday, 23 December 2014, 12:05 PM

Thanks everyone for a great year! More and more people are taking advantage of this site. I can now boast well over a hundred registered users with a small but regular group of students enrolled in courses or taking online lessons.

Wednesday December 17th is the last day of lessons for 2014. Lessons recommence Tuesday January 06 2015. Between now and then all courses remain open for enrolment and will be answering messages. Currently I  offer programs for all levels of R.C.M Music Rudiments, plus private lessons in all other R.C.M. subjects.

Starting in January, I am offering two accelerated harmony courses, Basic Harmony and Intermediate Harmony. Both courses begin the first week of January and run to the May exam. We will be using the Sarnecki texts for these programs.

Once we have completed a cycle, I should be able to offer these programs in an ongoing format. If you are considering either of these courses, please enrol as soon as possible so I have an idea of how many students to expect. If you have any questions, register for the site  and message me. You can enrol in the course once I have addressed any of your questions.

More students are enrolling in my  R.C.M. Practice Exam Assessments. These students are preparing for different R.C.M. exams through other means, but want someone with experience reviewing their practice exams before the big day. This is an excellent way to get feedback on your work.

Prospective students are reminded that I am happy to tutor any theory or history subject from Rudiments through Advanced Harmony and History. We conduct these lessons through your favourite chat medium such as Skype or Google. These lessons work just like traditional private lessons with a regular weekly meeting and course work.

Finally, I would like to develop more of the open courses similar to the Rudiments program for the site, where the course material is available for free to all visitors, with options to enrol for more formal study.

Programs like these take an incredible amount time to develop and maintain, but based on their usage and the feedback I receive, they seem to be worthwhile. Users like you can help out by pointing out any mistakes, requesting clarification for certain lessons, and contributing financially. The Pledgie campaign I've set up is easy to contribute through, a great organization in themselves, and any amount of help is greatly appreciated. Please see my

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Have a great and safe Holiday Season!