Site Policies

Site Policies

Please read carefully.

Site Content and Services

All material on this site is subject to copyright. You may use the content and services for personal study only. Commercial use and any kind of distribution is strictly prohibited.

Registered Users

Any individual may register for the site through the log-in page. By registering to this website, you explicitly agree to receive regular information updates and promotional material through your registered email and the online messaging system.

If you wish to de-register for this site, just let me know through the messaging system. We periodically remove inactive users.

Groups, associations, or commercial interests may not register for this site.

Anyone engaging in abusive behaviour of any kind will be removed with all lessons and fees forfeited.

Students Enrolled in a Course

Registered users may enrol in any listed course for the listed fee. Most payments are made through Paypal. Course fees, services, and enrolment periods vary. Consult a course's information page for details. No refunds or extensions are offered if an enrolled user does not complete their work within the stipulated enrolment period. All services offered for a particular course, including online lessons, expire at the end of the enrolment period.

Enrolled Student Responsibilities:

  • Must be computer literate: able to use file sharing, have access to a scanner, create pdf documents, use a word processor, etc.
  • Obtain required course material
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Ask questions when they have them
  • Sign-up for online lessonswhen they need extra help
  • Register for their RCM exam.
  • Parents of younger students must be prepared to assist their children with their courses and managing the technical aspects of studying online.

Online Lessons

Online lessons through services like Skype are paid for in advance. Unused prepaid online lessons not associated with an enrolled course, expire six months from payment date. No refunds are offered for unused prepaid online lessons.

Course Refunds

No refunds are offered once a student begins coursework. Coursework is defined here as an enrolled student submitting their first assignment.

For students who have not started coursework, they may apply for a refund less a $75.00 administration fee for any course up to seven days after their enrolment.


Royal Conservatory of Music  Examinations

Exam registration and preparation is the sole responsibility of the user. R.C.M. exams are administered through the Royal Conservatory of Music. We can offer no guarantee of registration, availability, or final grade.


If you have any questions, please contact me through the online messaging service.

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