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Skype Tutoring and Lessons In:

  • Music Theory: Royal Conservatory of Music (R.C.M.) theory, college/university undergraduate theory including 20th C theory
  • Music History: R.C.M. history, college/university undergraduate history including 20th C history
  • RCM Exam Preparation: all music subjects
  • Tutoring: you just need some extra help with theory or history. Entrance Exam Preparation, undergraduate college/university students welcome

Skype lessons are a good option for motivated high school students and adult students of music theory that want access to professional private lessons. Online lessons are held via Skype. Lessons are conducted similar to that of private lessons through chat, audio, and online whiteboards.

Most of my online students are highly motivated high school students and adults looking for an alternative to traditional in-person lessons.  Some students choose a weekly lesson to work towards writing an RCM exam. Others have enrolled in one of my online courses and need just a little extra help with a particular topic. I also have helped many students prepare for their entrance exams for college and university music schools.  And finally, college and university students are welcome to sign up for a lesson or two when they need an extra hand.

What you need:

  • a computer with a reasonably large screen
  • a solid internet connection
  • a Skype account with Skype installed on your computer
  • Firefox or Chrome web browser
  • a Dropbox account
  • Recommended: a computer stylus such as a Wacom Bamboo
  • your own texts/materials


  • Skype lessons are $55/hour, held weekly and paid for in advance in ten week terms. All lessons are one hour in length.
  • One-off Skype lessons are $65/hour paid for in advance.
  • All payments are made through Paypal - all major credit cards are accepted

Send an email to set up a 30 minute trial lesson.

Students under eighteen: get your folks to email me to discuss your options.

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