A block of five - one hour private weekly lessons held within a 90 day period. Lessons are conducted via Skype or Zoom.

Age Requirement: ages 14 and up

This program is suitable for music theory students ages 14 and up, self-studying at Level 8 RCM theory and beyond who need extra help, or perhaps would like some feedback on their practice exams. Students who are preparing for their college or university music theory entrance exams may consider this option as well.

New students: please register for a free trial lesson before enrolling in private lessons. We will discuss your goals, how I can help you, and choose a lesson time once I've had a chance to meet with you.


  • Level 8 RCM theory and history through ARCT level
  • College and university level music theory entrance exam preparation
  • College and university level music theory tutoring

We accept ongoing enrolment.