About Us


We have been offering online courses and private lessons in music theory and history since the mid 2000's. The site and its content is owned and operated by Thomas Evdokimoff.

Thomas Evdokimoff is a Vancouver BC based musician and educator. He holds a Master of Arts in Music Theory from the University of British Columbia.

Thomas has taught countless students of all ages Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) theory and history, as well as tutoring college and university level music theory for about 25 years. Back in the mid 2000s he saw the need to reach RCM music theory and history students who might not have access to an in-person instructor, and so began Evdokimoff music studio.

Over the course of his teaching career, he has maintained a mix of private in-person students, online students, and students who are interested in self-directed studies.

With the development of COVID, he transitioned all of his private in-person students to an online format.

Thomas has experimented with various online platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Google, and a few more esoteric offerings. For private online lessons, we believe that Skype and Zoom offer the most seamless experience for both the instructor and the student.

Our Services

Our primary service is to offer private online lessons and small group lessons to music students of all ages. Students as young as eight are welcome to enrol in lessons as long as they have the consent, support and guidance of a parent or responsible guardian.

We are completely versed in the Royal Conservatory of Music music theory and history program and have taught many students from absolute beginners through to ARCT level.

We are also able to tutor college and university level music students when they need help, and can help prepare people for their music entrance exams.

We have some familiarity with the ABRSM syllabus and welcome those students as well.

The Academic Calendar

Most students will register as ongoing students. Our academic year consists of two terms, starting in mid September and mid January of each year, with a Winter and Spring break. A Summer Term is available to those interested.

Late enrolments are welcome and fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

Finally, we offer one-off lessons, and smaller blocks of lessons under certain circumstances.

For registration information, program offerings, fees, and dates, please visit the home page of this site. To contact Thomas, please register for the site and send him a message or email him at thomas@evdokimoff.com . Note that we encourage all new private students to first enroll in a free trial lesson.